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Air Leak Audit

If leaking compressed air was poisonous or dangerous it would be dealt with immediately but because compressed air is non of these then it may not show up until they become major and equipment begins to fail. Below is an example of energy loss through air leakage.

These leaks cost money and with a leak audit can be located and calculate the amount of energy lost.

Hole diam mm Air leakage @ 6 bar l/s Energy loss kW h/year Power loss kW
1 1.25 1,100 0.75
4 21 11,250 7.5

Heat Recovery

Waste heat which is lost to atmosphere can be recovered by re-directing it through a suitable heat exchanger which can recover some of the heat lost and of course save money.

This heat can then be put to several used such as building services heating areas and water, process drying and heating also boiler pre-heating for feed water or combustion air